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Wedding gastronomy

Regarding culinary experiences, Geréby Mansion has had a leading position in the region. Beyond the traditional Hungarian cuisine, several gorgeous international and vegetarian meals satisfy even the real gourmets’ demands. The guarantee is Chef András Zala who has been Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant since the opening year 1986. We set up a great variety of menus for weddings, taking different aspects into consideration, but we also comply with individual requests. If you want to make the event more spectacular, we offer you hog or ox roast which is not an everyday gastronomic experience. Our polite staff provides service of the highest quality. A professional bartender can make refreshing drink specialities in the cocktail bar.

Thanks to our special characteristics and warm hospitality, plenty of Hungarian celebrities have chosen the Geréby Mansion for their wedding.

Just a taste of our menu offers for weddings:

Sir Geréby’s favourite meal
Soup: Guinea-fowl soup á la “Újházi” (served in a bowl)
Intermediate course: Stew of wild meat with gnocchi, boiled potatoes (in a bowl) and salads of the season
Buffet of roast: Coated turkey breast medallions, roasted goose thigh, Wiener Schnitzel, grilled vegetables, various garnishes
Midnight buffet:  Crispy roasted pork, mashed potatoes with onion, braised cabbage
The roast meat and the stew left over from dinner, Fruit and cheese

Gourmet wedding menu       
Soup:Pheasant soup (served in bowl)
Intermediate course: Creamed veal stew with gnocchi, boiled potatoes (in a bowl), salads of the season
Buffet of roast:Goose liver fried in breadcrumbs, rolled fillet of pork, medallions of sirloin, aubergine fried in breadcrumbs, various garnishes, tartar sauce and Hungarian ragout
Midnight buffet:    Turkey breast gratinated with mozzarella and tomato, boiled potatoes rolled in hot butter and parsley, the roast meat and the stew left over from dinner, Fruit and cheese

Wedding dinner from buffet      
Cold meals:    Rolled pike-perch with almond, stuffed chicken thigh, turkey breast with broccoli, trotters stuffed with paprika, tomato stuffed with aubergine crème, paprika stuffed with cottage-cheese seasoned with red pepper and onion, stuffed egg
Hot meals: Bachelor-hunter soup, ironed chicken thigh fillet with rosemary, fillet of pork á la ‘Kolozsvár’, creamed veal stew, various garnishes
Salads: Green salads with dressings, Forester salad with mayonnaise, potato salad with onion
Fruit: Fruits of season
Cheese:    Various brands of cheese Hungarian style
Midnight buffet: Stuffed cabbage, the roast meat and the stew left over from dinner, Fruit and cheese


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